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Shadycreek Vale

“You came to Shadycreek on one of the last caravans to successfully make the journey. Lucky you didn’t take the coastal road, as stories reached you of the strange fog drifting inland and bringing with it unseen creatures who, as the fog blanketed the towns and villages, slaughtered the populations. These stories came from refugees fleeing the coast areas, all hope drained from their haggard, pathetic faces. So it is that you arrive in Shadycreek vale, not knowing what to expect but thankful that the fog has remained offshore here.”

The Rolemaster Campaign
Welcome to adventure in Shadycreek. Before we have our first session, I want to give you an idea of the type of campaign that this will be. It is not going to be a pre-made linked group of scenarios written by Paizo or Wizards of the Coast, although I am not shy of “stealing” maps and location descriptions, and even adventure ideas from these excellent publishers. Rather, it will be an open sandbox style game. I will drop hints and plot hooks, and you may find that you have several possible options ahead of you at one time, but you can clearly not explore them all at the same time. This will lead you to priorities some “missions”, and this could then lead to events progressing in the other hooks and stories that are going on in the area, and in some cases this may lead to dire consequences for the parties involved. In addition to the hooks I provide, I encourage you each to push your own storyline on. If you have a particular course of action that you wish to explore, tell me about this and this will then give me time to plan out what is required. Don’t feel pressured into doing this at the start, you may stumble across something that you feel could progress your own story during another adventure, so if so, let me know.

Something else to note is that events are happening, and will happen, on a regional scale. This adds flavour to the world, and may/may not impact you directly. Just because you hear about a calamity, or event (such as the fog off-coast, and blanketing the coastal region of the Plains of Sethryn), does not necessarily mean you should run off to investigate. Don’t assume that I have place them in game as grand storyline plot hooks, they may just be colour for the campaign. Of course, if you wish to go and investigate say, as I will not stop you, and will create adventures to suit.

Due to the nature of the game style, I will not have the majority of potential adventures fully planned out, although I will have a clear synopsis for each one. Due to this, all I ask is that you give me some for-warning as to the plot/hook that you will be exploring next, so I can then flesh-out what is required ready for the next/future session.

Now for a word on encounters. The planned out areas/adventures will generally be of a power level that your characters can cope with. This does not mean that it will be easy, and be warned, if all you do is charge aimlessly into every fight you come across, I will not pull any punches. Having said this, I do want the game to be fun, so should you stumble from one unfortunate mishap to another, failing skill checks and fumbling in combat, I reserve the right to fudge an odd roll in your favour, but this will be the exception. In addition to the planned encounters, when travelling in the wilds/settlements there is a chance for random encounters. Now, the clue is in the name, and these encounters are generated using random tables. Due to this, it is possible to encounter creatures/NPC who are above your power level, so be cautious, and never be afraid to flee.

Utilise the wiki on Obsidian Portal, as I will use this to record the details of the world, as well as rule clarification and records of NPC’s. This is also where info on your characters can be found. If you are happy to do so, create your own free account on Obsidian Portal and I can then add you to the wiki as a player. You have already come up with information on other regions of the campaign setting linked to your character backgrounds, and if your feeling creative, and want to expand on a particular region, go for it. I will happily add this information to the wiki and thus the campaign world.

So once again welcome to Shadycreek Vale where the adventure will start. Who knows where our adventures will lead us, I certainly don’t. You may decide to leave the vale at some point and explore the nearby Plains of Sethryn, or the Xhorhas Wastes to the north-west, or even the Kingdom of Roedon a little further afield, but wherever we go together, lets have fun and in co-operation build a world we can all be proud of.

Rolemaster - Shadycreek