Rolemaster - Shadycreek

Further into the Moathouse Dungeon

Water-day the 23rd day of the second season of Orhan 831 SE.

Three hour into exploring the Moathouse.

Struggling to fight off the swarm of spiders, the party finally defeat them and proceed to explore the decrepit crypt. A small tunnel leads into a chamber that appears to have been clawed out of the dirt by a human-sized creature(s). Further onwards the dirt tunnel has collapsed blocking the way onwards.

The party decide to return to the initial junction they encountered when first entering the lower dungeon and follow the side corridor to discover a chamber that was clearly used as a workshop to create artifical beings. Two work desks are scattered with crafting materials and a fine set of tools. Down a nearby side chamber the party see a suit of plate armour that is being supported by a wooden stand. Having been warned that a construct protects Simyron’s tools, Halvard uses his spear to sweep some of the materials and tools off one of the work desks.

At this point the small flying goblin creature appears from the side chamber and Tolan recognises it as a homolculus. The small creature darts forward and reaches out for the tools on the table, doing so activating the construct that lumbers forward to attack the party. The homolculus then flees.

The fight is tough and several of the characters receive severe wounds. Eventually, Walter manages to dispel the magic that is animating the construct, and the party pummel the motionless being to utterly distroy it. They then decide to retreat from the Moathouse and search for the herb in the courtyard outside. After two hours Rulias finds one of the rare creeping plant and the group decide to return to Shadycreek with the herb, with the intention of returning to the Moathouse at a later date to search for the arcane artefacts.



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