Rolemaster - Shadycreek

Orcs within Time

Crossing the bridge, the party face up to the dire wolves and soon the orc commander and an orc shaman join the fray. During the fight a Time Spider appears behind Walter but luckily for the Archmage, the vicious-looking bite did little harm. Eventually defeating the combatants, the party find that the spiders body has diaapeared and Walters believes it is extra-planar so can only be defeated on its own plane, the Time Plane.

The group allow the orc commander to surrender and he gives up his arms to the group. Questioning him, the characters discover that he has no recent memory and it appears that he had his mind dominated by the Time Spider. Due to this, he is unable to inform the party of how their orc raiding party made it into the fey Valley.

Searching the fissures the party discover a recently opened gash in the rock, sloping down into the darkness. They allow the orc commander to leave via the cave and decide to return to the fey village, intending to return to explore the cave at a later date.



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