Rolemaster - Shadycreek

Return to the Moathouse

Returning to the fey queen, the party are rewarded for their endeavours and are each given a leaf broach that the fey queen tells them will allow them access to the path to the valley. She also puts the word out to the traders of the village who provide the characters with a discount on goods. They also find Gleinien, who it would appear, has found a home where he has found solice in his grief.

Air-day the 25th day of the second season of Orhan 831 SE.

The group decide to return to the Moathouse to search for the remaining magical writings. Passing a couple of locked doors they finally discover Simyrons study and the final arcane spell lists. They also find a library of magical books, as well as writings on ancient Xhorhas. Within the library is a large socophacus with a strange misty glass-like lid. The room is guarded by another construct but as the group do not touch the coffin, the construct does not animate.

Continuing to expore the dungeon, the party find a shaft heading down into a large natural cavern with a huge foci that emenates magic and recharges the used power points of the spell users in the party. Heading down into the chamber on a platform, the party lower themselves onto the top of the foci, then take another platform to the floor of the cavern. During the second descent, a large demonic spider attacks, using magic and invisibility to ambush the party. Fighting the beast, as Sisu continues to lower the platform, the party finally defeat the spider, who’s body disappears after the killing blow, but Walter was poisoned by the beast.



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