Rolemaster - Shadycreek

The Dead Laid to Rest

Water-day the 23rd day of the second season of Orhan 831 SE.

One hour into exploring the Moathouse.

Halvard is eager to rush off and lay Simyron’s wife and daughters to rest, but as he goes to leave the chamber the archmage’s ghost calls him back, scoulding the bear tribeman. “Wait, do you always rush off into battle without first seeking knowledge on your foe? That is a sure fine way to find yourself dead on the battlefield. You should learn from the Demon Hunter’s of Roedon, they study their foes so that nothing surprises them.”

Sisu encourages the party to hear him out. “My wife, her death came from flame. Her corrupted spirit has manifested as a Firephantom, a burning figure whose touch can drain your life force, and her presence will burned your flesh. I remember a village not to far from the edge of the forest, where they burned a suspected witch at the stake. Her spirit returned as a Firephantom and now the village lies blackened and charred, its occupants no more than charred remains (Rumour: The Burned Village). My daughters are simple ghosts but their presence will drain out your life force. Both they and my wife have no corporeal form, so no mundane weapons will harm them either.”

Simyron also mentions that he has an enchanted javelin upstairs that he had made for his son, but never got the chance to give it to him (Quest: A son’s gift). He offers it to the party, so they head upstairs and find the javelin propped up by a locked desk. Breaking into the desk draw they also find a leather-bound tome with the arcane spell list, Bladerunes, inside, which Walter gleefully acquires.

Halvard has the surprise that his axe talks to him and he discovers that the spirit of a Spree named Remmize is inside the blade, who proceeds to inform Halvard of the powers that he wields and can potentially wield.

Returning to the dungeon, the party proceed to enter what was clearly once the prison and torture chamber of whatever ancient structure this dungeon was originally built for. Here they encounter the two daughters and during the fight that ensues, the mother, a burning phantom, causing havoc for Walter, and if not for Rulias, he would have fallen unconscious at the very least. With the intelligent use of buckets of water the party find in a side chamber and the use of a shield as a water scoop, they manage to defeat the Firephantom and two ghostly sisters.

Returning to Simyron, he reveals that they are not dead, as the ectoplasmic remains of the ghosts need to be burned, which they proceed to do, after which Simyron’s spirit starts to leave for the Messenger plane. Before he finally leaves the prime material plane he warns the party that a lower dungeon exists behind a secret door, and below they will find his construct, charged with protecting Simyron’s equipment. He also informs Walter that the three further arcane list are in his personal study within the lower dungeon. He further reveals that just prior to his death, he found a huge cavern below the lower dungeon and inside was an Essænce Foci, a source of great power. But he fears that a recent Essænce storm has torn a rift to some Demonic plane below. With that his spirit dissipates.

Finding the secret door the party moves down into the lower dungeon following maze-like corridors and choosing the southern way on a junction. They encounter a strange flying goblin-like creature who flees back the way that the party came from, but they chose not to follow. Instead the party continues south past a door, after which they find the corridors covered in cobwebs. After passing two more junctions, one heading down some stairs from where the sound of falling water can be heard, and finally arrive in a decrepit ancient crypt, where the Sarcophagi are all smashed and broken. As they start to examine the room a swarm of spiders ambush them from the rubble and webs that cover the place.



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