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The small coastal city of Alstrum is the largest settlement, and only city, in the Shadycreek Vale. Although the settlements of Shadycreek Vale are independent, they come together in the Mutual Council every year to work together for their mutual benefit (thus the name).

Due to recent events, it has been agreed that the Ranger’s of Haskal should be utilised to patrol the border of the region to forewarn of any encroachment from the fog and its dark denizens. They have gone as far south as the ridgeline of the Cairnmourn Pass over the Dragoncrest Mountains, taking care to avoid Cairnmourn Citadel, for fear of what the Ice Witch may do. And looking down from the high pass into the neighbouring Plains of Sethryn, all they could see was grey fog blanketing the land for what must be 10 miles inland.

Organisations of Alstrum

Conclave of Jalesh’rah
Mutual Council
Ranger’s of Haskal
The Order of the Iron Crown


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