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Arcane Magic is a more primal method of tapping into what is believed to be the real, single source (i.e. the Ethereal Plane) of magical energy, mana, in order to cast spells. It is felt that this more primal method of accessing mana, while more dangerous, also allows for more powerful spells to be cast.

What is important to understand is that when discussing Arcane Magic, we are not talking about Arcane Spell Lists. A person who learns an Arcane Spell List (see below for more information) does not automatically use Arcane Magic, just as a Magician who learns a Cleric’s Base List does not automatically use Channelling magic. In both cases, the spell user uses his own realm of magic to cast spells, regardless of where they originally came from.

There is only one profession that uses Arcane Magic, and who may learn Arcane Spell Lists as Base Lists and that is the Archmage. He is unique in that he has three realm stats.

Power Points
In order to determine the number of Power Points that the Archmage has, average all three of his realm stats (Intuition, Empathy, and Presence) and use the resulting number for determining Power Points.

Arcane Casting Requirements
Each realm of magic has its own casting requirements. Hybrid spell users must meet the requirements of both of their realms. Arcane spell users have their set of casting requirements as follows (it should be noted that these requirements can be circumnavigated but a the risk of ESF):
• The caster must have at least one hand free.
• The caster must be able to speak normally
• The caster may not be wearing any armour.
• The caster may not be wearing a helm.
• The caster may not have more than 20 lbs of organic
material upon his person.
• The caster may not have more than 5 lbs of other metal
upon his person.
• The spell being cast is of equal or lower level than the caster.

Arcane Fumble Range
Spells cast using Arcane Magic will have an unmodified Fumble Range of 01-05 (house rule, as rule book fumble range is 01-10).

Resisting Arcane Spells
When an Archmage casts a spell that requires a Resistance Roll, the target of the spell will average together all three of their RR modifiers for each realm. This averaged total is then the modifier used against arcane spells.

Cancelling/Dispelling Arcane Spells
There are currently no spells dedicated to cancelling or dispelling arcane magic, although it is almost assured that some mage somewhere has researched them. However, the existing Cancel and Dispel spells found in each realm will still work against arcane magic, though at a reduced effectiveness. If a cancelling or dispelling spell targets only a single realm, the arcane spell receives a bonus of +50 to any Resistance Rolls.

If such a spell targets 2 realms of magic, the arcane spell would receive a +25 to any Resistance Rolls. If a spell targets all three realms, such as Cancel True or Dispel True, then the arcane spell receives no modifiers to its Resistance Rolls.

Additionally, spell users may work together to attempt to cancel or dispel an arcane spell. By having each caster cast a different Cancel/Dispel versus a different realm at the same time, the arcane spell, while still getting a separate RR versus each spell, would treat each spell as if it affected multiple realms. Thus three spell users, each casting a dispel against a different realm would require the arcane spell to resist each of the three spells with no modifiers.

ESF Modifiers
If the GM is allowing the use of ESF, the Archmage, when tempting ESF, would use the the highest of the ESF modifiers from all three realms, but with an additional +10. For example, a
Magician casting a spell while wearing AT 10 would have an ESF modifier of 30. For the Archmage, this modifier would be a 40. Arcane magic is dangerous enough on its own. Trying to use it and chancing ESF at the same time is even more so.

Arcane Magic

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