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These pages are to aid in the Character Generation for the Rolemaster System, and for now I have designed it specifically for the character builds mentioned by you all. If you want another profession added to the information, let me know. It is a simple step-by-step guide with links to information pages.

1. Choose the profession – this determines the prime stats, magic realm, and skill development cost. Archmage, Fighter, Rogue, Elemental Warrior, Sorcerer.

2. Choose the Race – this determines the racial stat bonus’, resistance roll bonus’, death criteria, languages and background picks.
See tables in Character Law p46 and Rolemaster Companion I p74.

3. Roll the ten statistics (roll 3 sets of the 10 stats then allocate one set as the temperory stats and one set as the rolls to determine the potential stats, then discard the last set). Then allocate each pair of temp/pot rolls to the individual stats.
Use table 05-01, Character Law p54, to determine the Potential Stats.
Use table 05-03, Character Law p56, to determined Stat Bonus’ and Skill Development Points.

4. Determine background. Roll background options (number of rolls is determined by race). CL p60, RMC1 p80-82. For RMC1 tables, 2 background picks get you three rolls on tables.

5. Choose character skills.
5a. Allocate weapon catogories to the six weapon DP costs (each profession has 6 Weapon DP costs, these are allocated between the following weapon types: one-handed Slashing, one-handed concussion, two-handed, missile, thrown weapons, and pole arms).
5b. Develop adolescence skills. Number of Development Points to spend on primary skills for adolescence is determined by the five development stats (CL p55-56). Skill DP costs are determined by your profession (see above). For weapon skill development, each weapon must be developed seperately using cost for that catogory of weapon (ie one-handed slashing for broadsword).
5c. Also spend an additional number of the DP points equal to 20% of the primary DP total on secondary skills. Character Law p95.

6. Do a stat gain roll for 1st level. Character Law p26 and table on p55.

7. Apprenticeship Skill Development. Complete the same process as in 5b and 5c above, taking note that DP stats may have changed giving more or less DP points.

8. Total bonuses.
8a. Add level bonuses to appliciable skills (see professions above).
8b. Add the stat bonus, derived from the temporary stat, to any racial stat modification, and any other special modification to get the total stat bonus for each stat. Do the same with resistance rolls.
8c. For standard skills use table 07-01 Character Law p71, to determined the rank bonus that the number of ranks developed gives. Then add any stat bonus for that skill, and any other special bonus, to determined the total skill bonus.
8d. Maneuver in Armour Skill. Each rank you have in the type of armour reduces the maximum maneuver penalty for a suit of armour by 5. This penalty cannot be lowered below the minimum maneuver penalty for the armour type.
8e. Body Development. For each rank that you have in the body development skill, you get to roll the racial hit dice and add this roll to the base hits points.
8f. Hit Points. Hits points are generated using the following formula:-
Base Hit Points = (Con stat/10) + body development rolls.
Total Hit Points = Base Hit Points x (1 + (Con stat bonus/100)) . Always round up fractions.
8g. Power Points are generated by multiplying the Base Power Points derived from the Master Stat Table, (Character Law p56) by the number of ranks in the Power Point Development Skill.

To level up beyond 1st level, repeat steps 6 downwards.

Character Generation

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