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Goddess of Death/Rebirth (and Winter), she is the sister of Reann. Eissa is the deity appealed to when a religious “Lifegiving” is administered. She guards the Gates of Oblivion and it is her decision whether a soul is returned—even Kuor will not overrule her decision. Eissa is more inclined to allow the return of a soul whose mission on The Windblessed Coast has not been completed. If the being in question has lived a full life, or has died in a significant and meaningful way, she will usually deny the soul’s return.

Eissa wears a hooded, flowing black robe and carries a staff of crystal—and a set of crystalline keys to the Gates. Before the Gates is a small garden, in the centre of which is the Spring of Youth, which feeds the enchanted River of Life on Orhan. Eissa rests here often, staring into the mere by the spring, through which she views her followers on the Windblessed Coast.

Cultures on Windblessed Coast have myriad differing beliefs regarding the soul and what becomes of it when someone dies. Those who follow Eissa believe that the soul lives forever, though if the body is destroyed or fails due to age, the soul passes beyond the gates into another state of being. The worst fate is if the soul itself is somehow destroyed, something which can only happen to someone who falls victim to one of the Unlife’s cruel servants.


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