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When selecting lore skills, there are a vast selection of possibilities to chose from and due to this it is hard to have a spread of knowledge that you may want for your character. This house rule allows for a general category of a lore skill to be developed at a cost of the knowledge level on a more specific subject. If a general, non-specific, lore skill is used, the knowledge level for using that skill is reduced by 2.

For example, the use of the Culture Lore – Fairy would give specific knowledge on the elven culture, so the knowledge level of the ranks in that skill are as written (i.e. for 5 ranks in Culture Lore – Fairy the knowledge level would be 4). Whereas, if the general Culture Lore skill was used, the knowledge known would be spread across all races, but the knowledge level for that skill related to the elven culture would be reduced by 2 (i.e. for 5 ranks in Culture Lore the knowledge level for the elven culture would be 2).

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Magical Lore Skills
Obscure Lore Skills
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Lore Skills Knowledge Level

Zero ranks = Knowledge level 1
1 to 2 ranks = Knowledge level 2
3 to 4 ranks = Knowledge level 3
5 to 6 ranks = Knowledge level 4
7 to 9 ranks = Knowledge level 5
10 to 12 ranks = Knowledge level 6
13 to 16 ranks = Knowledge level 7
17 to 20 ranks = Knowledge level 8
21 ranks plus = Knowledge level 9

The difficulty of the Lore manoeuvre depends entirely on the amount or depth of knowledge requested by the player. The obscurity of the information modifies what manoeuvres can be attempted by the player. The absolute number of ranks in a Lore skill determines the amount of knowledge the character has in the subject (see above).

The obscurity is determined by the GM. In some cases, this is equivalent to the rarity code, in other cases the GM must decide on the obscurity rating, which range from 1 (common) to 9 (arcane trivia). A character cannot attempt a Lore manoeuvre if the difficulty level plus obscurity rating exceeds twice the character’s knowledge level. If the obscurity level is not obvious, assume that it is equal to the difficulty level.

Difficulty Level for Routine Manoeuvre = 1, then add 1 for each increase in manoeuvre difficulty

If the sum of the obscurity rating and difficulty level do not exceed the character’s knowledge level, he can attempt the manoeuvre without any resource. Otherwise, the manoeuvre will require research. Most non-research manoeuvres can be attempted in one round. If research is required, the manoeuvre will require a number of hours equal to the difficulty level times the obscurity rating.

Lore Skills

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