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Shadycreek Vale

Shadycreek Vale is a coastal, frontier area that lies on the border of the Xhorhas Wastes to the north-west, and the Plains of Sethryn to the south, stretched out along the Windblessed Coast. Access to the Shadycreek region was generally by boat from the maritime cities that lie south along the coast. Of late though a thick fog has enveloped the sea, hanging silently a mile or so offshore, and no ships have arrived with trade and food goods. Two local ships were sent out in the fog but never returned, and scouts have been sent over the Southern Mountains to make for the nearest town in the Sethryn region, but they have failed to return also.

In the first few days that the fog appeared out to sea, and then made landfall on the coastal region of the Plains of Sethryn, the astrologer’s and seer’s of Shadycreek Vale were able to communicate, via the All-seeing Eyes , with the Loremaster’s of Esthoe, capital of the Kingdom of Roedon that lies the far side of the Plains. The fog had not extended beyond the Plains of Sethryn, solely landing their. Of late however, this communication has stopped, some strange force blocking the magic.

Due to recent events, it has been agreed that the Ranger’s of Haskal should be utilised to patrol the border of the region to forewarn of any encroachment from the fog and its dark denizens. They have gone as far south as the ridgeline of the Cairnmourn Pass over the Dragoncrest Mountains, taking care to avoid Cairnmourn Citadel, for fear of what the Ice Witch may do. And looking down from the high pass into the neighbouring Plains of Sethryn, all they could see was grey fog blanketing the land for what must be 10 miles inland.

Settlements of the Vale.

Although the settlements of Shadycreek Vale are independent, they come together in the Mutual Council every year to work together for a mutual benefit.

Geographic Locations.

Shadycreek River
Shadycreek Falls
Scorpion Ridge Mountains
Shadycreek Forest
Endless Sea
Windblessed Coast
Dragoncrest Mountains
Skaros islands

Locations of Interest

Cairnmourn Pass
Cairnmourn Citadel
The Moathouse
Wistman’s Wood

Personalities and Organisations

Conclave of Jalesh’rah
Mutual Council
Ranger’s of Haskal
Ice Witch
The Order of the Iron Crown

Neighbouring Regions

Plains of Sethryn
Kingdom of Roedon
Xhorhas Wastes
Penninsala of Daros

The Gods

The Gods included here are no a complete list, and will be added to in the future.

The Lords of Orhan


The Greater Spirits


Evil Gods

Dark Gods

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