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God of the Night, he is master of sleep and dreams, sending visions to his followers. He is the only god who prefers the night. It is his domain, though one which is tainted by the evils of the Unlife. As a result, Reaan has faced the terror of the Unlife more than any other Lord. While there is little danger that he would ever be turned to its evil path, the endless (sometimes seemingly hopeless) struggle has wearied him.

He often travels to the Windblessed Coast, hunting evil beasts through the night astride his mighty steed: a white Unicorn with luminous silver horn. He is feared by servants of the Unlife more than any other Lord. Riding through dark forests, a misty, shimmering presence in the night, his endless quest is to save the helpless from the fangs and claws of the evil demonic creatures of evil.

Reann has a dry sense of humour and has been seen in Jaysek’s company (in his rare appearances during the day).

Reann is a tall, slender young man with fair skin, black hair and dark, hypnotic eyes. He wears only sable-hued cloth garments, often trimmed with black leather.


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