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The small walled town of Shadycreek is named after the vale within which it is located. The town stands on the banks of the Shadycreek River that flows from the Scorpion Ridge Mountains to the north-west, to the coast of the Endless Sea , south-east of Shadycreek town.

Shadycreek is a small walled town on the banks of the Shadycreek River , where the waterway is shallow enough for good footing to allow the river to be forded. The river can be navigated by boat both upstream as far as Shadycreek Falls , and downstream to the coast, but to pass the shallows at Shadycreek town requires a boat to be man-handled through the rocky shallows of the ford. The relatively small parcel of fertile soil around the town is reserved for crops, while the wide areas of less arable territory is given over to herds of sheep, cattle and goats.

The town has a population of about 450, even though less than two decades ago, the population was twice that, with emigration to the coastal city of Alstrum becoming popular due to the harsh life in the frontier, and the lack of easily accessible timber, caused by the aggressive deforestation of the easily accessible tree-shrouded areas, and the increasing river and road tolls demanded by bandits who are controlled by the ogre “King” Raknar.

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