Spell Mastery

Magical Skills

(Secondary Skill)
This skill allows the user to modify spells within or beyond basic parameters. Each individual spell list requires separate skill development. This skill might be used to change the orientation upon arrival of the target of a Teleport spell, or might be used to allow a spell user to attempt to alter a bolt spell into a ball spell. The character should use the below Power Manipulation Static Action Table to resolve Spell Mastery manoeuvre’s. This is in addition to the spell casting roll.

This skill is often used to increase the range, duration or area of effect of a spell, although there are a number of different uses. This skill can be used to incorporate a visual illusion into the spell (e.g. a shock bolt with the head of an eagle or Demon). It can be used to tweak the effects of a spell (e.g. modifying a bolt so that it strikes the target directly, without arcing from the caster to the target). This skill can also be used to add new parameters to a spell (e.g. a wall that can slowly advance). Spell Mastery can be used to lesson the effects of a spell, or improve the caster’s control over the spell’s force. The possibilities are limited only by the spell caster’s imagination.

In addition to suggested difficulties, the following modifications also apply:
Change of Parameter- [Modifier]
x2 range, duration, are of effect, or damage. [-20]
x3 range, duration, are of effect, or damage. [-30]
x4 range, duration, are of effect, or damage. [-40]
x5 range, duration, are of effect, or damage. [-50]
Each additional x1 [-10]
Change to Range [Modifier]
Self to touch, or touch to 10’. [-30]
Change to Duration [Modifier]
None to 1 round [-50]
Concentration to 1 minute/level© [-50]
Concentration to 1 round/level© [-20]
Change to Area of Effect [Modifier]
+1 target [-30]
Target to 10’R [-50]
Change to Damage [Modifier]
+1 critical severity [-30]

Example Difficulties
Routine (+30): Changing a minor aspect of a spell (e.g. turning a Shock Bolt green or purple).
Easy (+20): Adding a minor illusion or sensation (e.g. causing discomfort with a Grow or Shrink spell).
Light (+10): Adding a large illusion (e.g. adding illusionary wings to a Fly spell).
Medium (+0): Lessening the effect of a spell (e.g. using a Fire bolt to light a camp fire without igniting the surrounding woods).
Hard (-10): Adding a parameter with random effects (e.g. a Wall whose height changes every round).
Very Hard (-20): Fine control of a spell (e.g. using a Fire Bolt to light a pipe).
Extremely Hard (-30): Adding a minor new parameter (e.g a Wall that can move 10’/round if the caster concentrates).
Sheer Folly (-50): Minute control of a spell (e.g. using a Fire Bolt to shave).
Absurd (-70): Adding a radical new parameter (e.g. casting an Absolution spell that does not destroy the target’s soul, but traps it in a glass bottle).

Spell Mastery

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