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“Good” and “Evil” fall at the two extreme ends of a spectrum; most thinking beings exist somewhere in the middle ground. In addition, there are the complicating factors of the competing affiliations among those of evil ambition: the servants of the absolutist Unlife sometimes find themselves at odds with power-thirsty Dragonlords, the Dark Gods, and numerous other agencies of evil.

When “Evil” is referred to in the Windblessed Coast, it does not mean the small injustices one man commits against another; nor does it even mean most acts of violence or warfare. True Evil, the evil that is fostered by the Unlife, is the drive to destroy— and to feed on that destruction. The Unlife desires not only to kill, but to draw energy from the poor spirit as it dies. Without attempting to make a judgment on what is “evil” and what is not, the concept of pure, true, universal evil in the context of the Windblessed Coast applies only to the Unlife and its willing servants. Others may do “evil” deeds, but they are not evil until they succumb to its power. However… once one sets a foot upon the dark path…

It has been theorized that without the “Positive Essænce,” the “Negative Essænce” of the Unlife could not exist. It is even believed that, should the Unlife somehow succeed in its horrible desire to absorb the entire Essence of the world, it would itself be destroyed. This might be what the Unlife seeks: complete annihilation.

What would happen should this occur has been the subject of debate among magic scholars for millennia. Most agree that all magical power will simply evaporate: no Gods, no Essence, no supernatural mental powers will survive. It is the nature of possible destructive side effects that no one can agree on.

When the Unlife is moved to use force, it can unleash servants who wield a terror of majestic proportions. Not the horror of the Demons, nor the brute force often preferred by the Dragonlords, but such lieutenants as the Heralds of Night and the Priests Arnak, who possess a commanding presence. They are lordly and distant, and cannot be swayed by bribes or other coercions. They are inhuman in their unwavering allegiance to that formless ultimate evil which is the Unlife.


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