Wistman's Wood

Where the oak and birch of Shadycreek Forest reach the upper treeline of the Scorpion Ridge Mountains, the forest thins out and becomes rugged scrubland until the rocky ridges of the magestic mountain range take over. Within this belt of scrubland lies the Wistman’s Wood.

The copse is an outstanding example of native upland oak woodland and covers an area of about 10 acres (about 660 feet across). Wistman’s Wood stands in a sheltered area at the mouth of one of the many high valleys, where a bank of large granite boulders ("clatter’s) are exposed, and pockets of acidic, free-draining, brown earth soils have accumulated. Additional copses of scrub extend beyond the main body of the wood, suggesting that it originally extended over the entirety of the clatter deposits on the hillside. The clatter outside of the main wood is covered in bracken, bilberry, and occasional gorse.

“It is hardly possible to conceive anything of the sort so grotesque as this wood appears,” a travelling explorer exclaimed when confronted with the sight of Wistman’s Wood. Gazing into the twisted and gnarled branches of the stunted oak trees entwined with each other, grotesque isn’t really a word best used to describe this place. It is odd-looking, but it is beautiful.

The name of Wistman’s Wood derive from the ancient dialect word “wisht”, meaning “eerie/uncanny” or “pixie-led/haunted”. The legendary Wild Hunt in Shadycreek Vale, whose hellhounds are known as Wisht Hounds in the ancient dialect, is particularly associated with Wistman’s Wood.

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Wistman's Wood

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